Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Looking for something to put on your coffee table that really captures the essence of that vintage computer collection of yours? How about a beautiful book on photo grade stock with pictures of all your favorite personal computers from the seventies and eighties and more? Check out this book by Gordon Land called DIGITAL RETRO the evolution and design of the personal computer. All of my favorites are in here; Apple I, Apple II, Sinclair ZX81, Atari 800, IBM PC, IBM PCAT, Macintosh and over 40 others. Great photos and short historical descriptions accompany each making this an interesting read from end to end, or just fun to browse.

An Amazon.com reviewer writes of this book "Take a visual stroll through the early days of personal computing, from 1975's seminal MITS Altair to 1988's failed NeXT cube, before the market bifurcated between Mac and Windows users. This 192-page paperback examines 40 classic computers of yesteryear, each depicted from all sides with full-color photography and annotated with original specifications and pricing. Laing's text also reveals many juicy tidbits about the companies and personalities that dominated the industry in its infancy."

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