Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Creation of the Macintosh

In the early 80's there was a quiet project underway in a small remote building at Apple Computer where a team of engineers and programmers worked tirelessly with a dream of revolutionizing the personal computer into an information appliance that would be "for the rest of us". Even to those of us who were deeply involved in technology at the time, this was an exciting leap forward. Now 20 years have past and this event remains a milestone in personal computing.

Read about this revolution from the inside, from original members of the small team that caught the imagination of everyone who came in contact with them, including Steve Jobs who championed their cause. Folklore.org is a collection of stories and anecdotes from the designers, developers and programmers who made up this unique team. It is also an interesting look at the dynamics of a startup struggling within a more rigid business culture.

Many of the recountings are written by Andy Hertzfeld who was a cornerstone of the software team. Andy has since taken this to the next level with the publication of a book Revolution In The Valley, the insanely great story of how the Macintosh was made. Click on the link to buy this at Amazon.com's everyday low price and support the operation of this site at the same time!

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